01. He lost a lot of money in a failed business [venture] last year.
02. The latest Russian-American space [venture] has failed due to engineering problems.
03. People in the capital are afraid to [venture] out of their homes due to falling debris from buildings damaged in the earthquake.
04. The children [ventured] into the forest to look for bunnies.
05. He is always working on some new business [venture], but I don't know if he actually makes any money from them or not.
06. They have begun a business [venture] in Australia, selling Olympic T-shirts in a variety of languages.
07. I would be very careful about getting into any business [ventures] with Jackson because he has gone bankrupt a couple of times.
08. According to a Vietnamese proverb, one should [venture] all, in order to see what fate brings.
09. Montaige observed that unless a man feels he has a good enough memory, he should never [venture] to lie.
10. There is an old saying which states, "Nothing [ventured], nothing gained."
11. During the Classical period of ancient Greece, women [ventured] outside the house mainly for religious purposes or to attend festivals which were restricted to women.
12. Two snowboarders who got lost after [venturing] out of bounds at a local ski hill have been found by rescuers this evening.
13. Among Botswana's developing industries are small cooperative [ventures], where people share the work and the profits of their businesses.
14. Growing grapes is one of the most profitable business [ventures] in the former Soviet republic of Moldova.
15. The government of Jordan has recently been offering investment incentives to promote job-creating [ventures].
16. Many international companies are engaging in new [ventures] in China.
17. Traders and explorers have [ventured] into African territories since pre-Roman times.
18. One month after the fire that destroyed their school, children in the area have [ventured] back to the classroom.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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